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Welcome to the unofficial website of Cambridge School.

Well for your information Cambridge School was established in the year 1930 in Dehradun which later moved on to Delhi and Cambridge School as we know it today came into being on April 7, 1931 in two room flat in Qutub Road , Sadar Bazaar. Such was the small and humble begining.

With the gradual increase in numbers the school was moved to another large rented house No 21 Darya Ganj. Later on the school became a full fledged high school.

At present the school has over five different branches including the main branch at Sri Niwas Puri from where I passed out in the year 1996.

I am really thankful to my school as I owe my everything to Cambridge School for all the education it gave to me.

I want to stay in touch with all my friends who have passed out from Cambridge School  or are at present, so I kindly request all the cambridgians to fill a small form after clicking below & I will shortly be taking out the Alumni list.

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